I need to get some hero worship out of my system.

David Deutsch

  • Philosophy - Introduced me to Karl Popper. Introduced concept of Explanation as a scientific concept and specific criteria to recognize it.
  • Physics - Introduced the Gate model of Quantum Computation as well as some early algorithms. Also uses good explanations to justify the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics which is my preferred interpretation (at least its the only one that counts as an explanation to me).
  • Personality - He is a very calm character. He posts to twitter about contentious issues (e.g. Brexit, Israel & Gaza) and can remain logical even on what are clearly issues he is passionate about. Some have criticized him as being arrogant; I just think of him as confident in what he knows and desperately interested in hearing a logical argument about why he is wrong.

Michael Nielsen

This guy just seems nice. Look at that smile. On top of that...

  • Computer Science & Physics - He wrote the standard textbook on Quantum Computation. And I read it. And some of it actually stuck.
  • Augmenting Intelligence - He seems to think and research quite a few difficult topics and that seems to have spawned a meta-research program into how the human mind can best grapple with these incredibly diverse and difficult subjects. He also introduced me to Spaced Repetition in which I'm attempting to become a virtuoso using Anki (+ AnkiDroid).