Continuous Integration

Languages and Platforms

The essential workflow was defined by Jez Humble et al in a previous decade but there are still a surprising number of active developers frustrated spending time on repetitive tasks that would be best left to a machine.

Development time is too valuable to waste doing work you've already done!

An old favorite by Nhan Ngo

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Visual Studio Online, Visual Studio Team Services and Azure DevOps Pipelines

VSO, VSTS and now DevOps has had many names but throughout they have offered a solid GUI based interface for configuring Automated Builds and eventually automated releases.

Illustrates a very secure approach to variable management deficient in too many tools.

IBM Integration Bus

Anything with a command line interface can be integrated with an automated deployment pipeline.

Python 3

Python 2.7 too; I just don't want to support any bad habits.


Rust can be particular about directory structures. After that its smooth sailing.