Quantum Computing


Awesome quantum circuit simulator

Updated: Here's one way to make the circular pattern described: algassert.com/quirk#circuit=%7B%22cols%22:%5B%5B%22Y%5E%C2%BC%22%5D,%5B%22Z%5Et%22%5D%5D%7D

Also I highly recommend working through QuantumKatas for learning Q#

Just playing.

Here is my example useless circuit which takes two qubits in the computational basis state (|00>), applies the Hadamard gate to both, then I condition my most significant qubit to... well it has something to do with entanglement so I don't quite get it yet.

Let's just say it's a convoluted way to select a random number between |00> and |11> (inclusive). Still, very cool. My next goal is to see if I can use a timer based gate to draw out a circle on the surface of the sphere.

Quirk by Craig Gidney: http://algassert.com/quirk

The Bloch Sphere

Didn't have anything to say about it right now but it's so cool looking.

Actually a few things are starting to click from Michael Nielsen's Lectures.

Bra-Ket Notation

The linear algebra description of quantum mechanics is what make quantum hard. Don't get me wrong, as a mathematical representation it is fine but as a conceptual device to discuss the concepts physically occurring it is impossible (so far) for me to parse.

OK this one is just silly. Obviously women (and men) are non-hermitian non-matrices. Why you ask?

  1. They are not unitary
  2. They are not equal to their own conjugate transpose.
  3. They aren't matrices; they are people and not abstract mathematical objects.